A GIVEN B is a project that brings together data scientists and designers.

Improving the way we build products and services lies in greater collaboration between the two disciplines. Today, we're seeing growing possibilities in how user experiences can be designed, launched and scaled using data. We're also witnessing rapid advances in artificial intelligence/machine learning that have wide implications for what we create and the ethics surrounding them.

Experience has shown us that designers and data scientists have little overlap in their thinking and understanding. Designing and building the data and AI-driven products of the future require both sides to share the tools, language and knowledge of their trade. Data scientists must understand the product design methodologies, while designers must understand how to approach a product from a quantitative perspective. 

We want to begin bridging this gap by establishing a community that works together to share ideas and educate one another. 

BY mid-2020, we aim to complete the following milestones:

  • Complete a foundational research phase, using surveys and interviews, that establishes what designers and data scientists need to share.

  • Establish our core community of contributors and followers, composed of data scientists and designers together.

  • Set up an online means for the community to share ideas and organize (e.g. a forum or discord)

  • Launch a website for representing this project with the capability of publishing curated content from the community (e.g. a blog engine)

  • Have involvement with real life events in Berlin and/or San Francisco, such as meetups or even conferences



If you're interested in what we’re up to or a designer or data scientist interested in joining us, please drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you.