WE ARE establishING a community to share ideas and educate one another.

We want to build better data and AI-driven products by removing the silos between data scientists and designers. We feel that there is still some way to bridge the gap between the two disciplines. An appreciation by both sides of one another’s methods and thinking opens up the possibilities for better results, delivered more effectively.

By mid-2020, we aim to complete the following milestones:

  • Complete a foundational research phase, using surveys and interviews, that establishes what designers and data scientists need to share.

  • Establish our core community of contributors and followers, composed of data scientists and designers together.

  • Set up an online means for the community to share ideas and organize (e.g. a forum or discord)

  • Launch a website for representing this project with the capability of publishing curated content from the community (e.g. a blog engine)

  • Have involvement with real life events in Berlin and/or San Francisco, such as meetups or even conferences

topics that we’ll explore:

  • Practical data-driven product strategy & design.

  • How to build AI/machine learning applications.

  • Growth marketing through data.

  • Storytelling with data.

  • Changing organizations through data literacy.

  • Making good decision-making metrics.

  • Fostering environments for experimentation and R&D.

  • AB-testing methodologies, from formulating hypotheses to designing tests that can be validated or invalidated with data.

We are called A GIVEN B. The name comes from the notion of conditional probability, which relates the probability of an event A happening under the condition of event B happening. This is an important and widely used concept in probability and we decided to use it as a metaphor for our two disciplines working together. The mathematical shorthand for ‘A given B’ is A|B.